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James J Treacy

Jim TreacyJim was President and Chief Operating Officer of Monster Worldwide. He joined Monster’s predecessor, TMP Worldwide (a 27 year-old, cash-strapped, private entity), during 1994, as Chief Executive Officer of its smallest division. In 1995, Jim played an integral part in identifying and rolling-up the nascent websites that would morph into Monster.com. During this time he formulated and executed the cross-selling strategy known as “Feed the Monster”, which ultimately established Monster.com as the leading global Internet career portal and validated the online recruitment industry as a credible, vital and growing segment of the global economy.

Jim rose rapidly at Monster – appointed parent company Executive Vice President in 1996, Chief Operating Officer and Board Director in 1998, then President in 2001. He led Monster through its initial public offering, two secondary offerings and onto the S&P 500, the Nasdaq 100 and the Fortune e-50 – raising $750 million in growth capital and creating a $9 billion peak market capitalization. In 2002, Jim resigned due to strategic and governance disputes with Monster’s control shareholder. He was cited by one Wall Street analyst as “the glue that held Monster together,” while the New York Times described him as the company’s “voice of financial restraint.” (1)

Prior to Monster, Jim served as Senior Vice President/Treasurer Americas for WPP Group PLC, where he twice helped restructure a $1 billion debt portfolio. Before that he was with the Ogilvy Group, where he was the youngest public company officer in the company’s history and one of the architects of the hostile takeover defense that resulted in WPP’s paying almost $900 million for Ogilvy. He began his career with Texaco Inc.

Post Monster, Jim continued doing what he does best; creating shareholder value. In 2004, he was named Non-Executive Director of Ebookers PLC (now part of Orbitz Worldwide), serving until its 2005 sale for $400 million. In 2006, he was named a Board Director of DICE, helping ready it for its $800 million IPO in 2007. Jim was an angel investor in and advisor to Answerology, an early stage Internet firm, sold to Hearst in 2006. He performed in the same capacity for Evergreen Drilling, sold to Nornew in 2007. Jim also served on the President’s Council of Valley Hospital (2005-2008) and the Siena College Board of Trustees (2002-2004).

In 2008, Jim was swept up in the backdated option frenzy and was charged by both the DOJ and SEC. The charges, related to his time at Monster, were rooted in non-cash, stock option accounting under meaningless and vague financial standards tossed aside by the FASB in 2005. He served two years in federal prison and is permanently barred from contributing to the growth and organizational efficiencies of SEC-listed public companies — as an officer or director but he can always consult.

Today, Jim, who has a BBA from Siena College and a MBA from St. John’s University, is busy consulting, speaking and working on a memoir. With his 20+ years of experience at the pinnacle of Corporate America, along with his time at the sharp-end of the DOJ’s ‘justice’ process, Jim is frequently sought out to interpret the behind the scenes reality (versus the public headlines) connected to both boardroom and courtroom dramas. He resides in Glen Rock, New Jersey with his wife and three daughters.

(1) “The Monster That’s Feasting on Newspapers”, By SAUL HANSELL, Published: March 24, 2002 http://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/24/business/the-monster-that-s-feasting-on-newspapers.html?src=pm&pagewanted=1